At Sherman Oaks SDM we offer classes to students ranging from 18 months up through adults! We offer Parent & Me, Ballet/Tap Combo, Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, and Contemporary styles. As all of our dance classes are curriculum based, our students are required to understand and demonstrate challenging movement in order to progress onto the next level. Our mission is to promote a fun-energetic environment, in which our students are learning the fundamentals and vocabulary behind the art of dance and music. Our school runs like a normal school year September through June, with a separate summer session and open enrollment. In order to join a class your student must be the minimum age of that class by September.


Parent & Me Ballet/Tap

(18mo - 2.5 yrs)

The Parent & Me class is a 30-minute combination class with the guardian assisting the student through out the entirety of the class. The first 20-minutes focuses on ballet fundamentals and across the floor, and the remaining 10-minutes students change into their tap shoes for tap time! The age requirement for this class is 18 months in order to begin. You’ll be impressed by the ability these little ones have!


Ballet is the root of all dance styles. Each one of our ballet classes begin at the barre focusing on the basics of proper barre etiquette and technique. Classes range from 55-minutes to 75-minutes depending on the level and age. Our instructors work weekly with students on increasing the students stamina, discipline, and physical development. We offer beginner level classes up through pointe.


Contemporary is an expressive style of dance that requires a certain level of maturity in order to connect movement emotionally to the music. It combines different elements of ballet, jazz, modern, and lyrical dance. Due to this we require students who participate in contemporary take a Ballet class along with it, so students have the proper technique to incorporate into this challenging and mature style! This is a 55-minute class.


Ballet/Tap 2.5 -6yrs

Our combo Ballet/Tap Classes are a phenomenal way to introduce dance to your little one. From Ballet/Tap TOT (2.5-3.5yrs) through Ballet/Tap 5-6yrs, the students dance independently with parents observing from the waiting room. Classes range from 30-minutes to 55-minutes depending on age. At each age students are learning ballet and tap terminology, choreography, and technique. In order to move up to the next age group, each student must meet end of the year goals. Students in Ballet/Tap 3-4yrs and up are offered to participate in our annual dance recital.



Jazz is an upbeat style of dance that relies on ballet fundamentals. Students will work on across the floor combinations, flexibility, musicality, and choreography within the class. It is a quick paced, fun class, for those students who need a place to put their high energy! This is a 55-minute class offered to students 5 years and up!

Hip Hop

Our hip hop classes begin at 4 years and are offered up to adults! The Hip Hop Jr. and regular Hip Hop classes begin with a warm-up of grounded, quick movement, followed by isolations, break dancing, and a choreographed routine. The classes range from 50-minutes to 55-minutes depending on age.